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Policies and Forms

Enhanced Care Policies and Support Forms

At Tennessee Valley OBGYN, we value providing you with care that’s not only exceptional but also transparent and fair. We understand that the administrative aspects of healthcare can often seem formal and impersonal. That’s why we’ve created this space—to offer clarity and warmth as we outline our office policies and provide you with the necessary forms. We want you to feel fully informed and at ease when it comes to the logistics of your healthcare.

Pre-Appointment Requirements

Insurance and Identification

Please remember to bring your insurance card and driver’s license to your appointment. These are essential for the check-in process and ensure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible.

OB Patient Pre-Visit

If you are an obstetrics patient, it’s important to have a pre-appointment discussion with our insurance department. This step is crucial to help us provide you with the best possible care tailored to your coverage.

Office Policies

Prescription Call-in Service

For the convenience of having prescriptions called in by our staff, there is a service fee of $30.

After-Hours Consultation

We offer after-hour phone consultations for non-emergencies at a fee of $30, ensuring you have access to our support when you need it.

Returned Check Policy

For any checks returned due to insufficient funds, a standard fee of $30 will be applied.

Appointment Commitment

We understand life is unpredictable, but to keep our scheduling fair for all patients, a no-show fee of $75 is charged for missed appointments without prior cancellation.

Communication Efficiency Fee

To manage the high volume of patient calls and ensure timely responses, a fee of $30 will be applied for more than two phone calls within a 24-hour period. We strive to return calls within one business day.

Emergency Protocol

In an emergency, we urge you to directly visit the nearest emergency department. Your health and safety are our highest priority.

Support Forms and Authorizations

FMLA/Disability Paperwork Handling

A service fee of $50 is applicable for the processing of FMLA or disability forms, which supports the meticulous care and attention our staff provides.

Prior Authorization for Prescriptions and Procedures

To assist with the prior authorization for prescriptions and procedures, we charge a service fee of $50.

Commitment to Care

Practice Engagement

Active participation in your healthcare is important. Failure to keep appointments or not following medical advice may lead to being discharged from our practice.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our friendly staff. Let’s work together to ensure your health journey is smooth and supported.